Pilates tones the body and helps develop strength throughout. It uses different positions and movements to correct body alignment and balance. Both machine Pilates and Pilates mat will complement and enhance your existing workouts and activities.



Pilates is for everyone...

General Conditioning

Pilates is a great challenge. It promotes balance, alignment and strength throughout the whole body. An effective and enjoyable workout.

Specific Conditions

Pilates has a history and reputation as an effective form of rehabilitation and treatment for specific conditions.

Pilates for Men

Pilates is for men. Pilates was developed in the early 20th century by a boxer and gymnast named Joseph Pilates. The method was actually created to train athletes and recovering soldiers. It increases strength and lengthening of the muscles as well as creating a greater awareness of how to move the body effectively. Whether recovering from a sports injury, improving movement for a hobby or simply wanting to get the body working after a day at the office, Pilates is a positive move.


Pilates focuses on lengthening as well as strengthening the muscles, and is a great workout to help target those postural muscles and build a greater awareness for how your body is responding to those long hours at a desk. Pilates is also an effective way to help relieve tension and clear the mind. It's a wonderful feeling being able to finish off the day refreshed and re-energised.


Our Method

Pilates for a Purpose is a modern & fully equiped boutique studio based in Wynnum/Manly QLD. Each class is closely monitored by a qualified BASI instructor. We have kept classes small so technique can be closely observed and results achieved. We are passionate about individuals learning the BASI method and experiencing its incredible results. 

The BASI method uses an effective system, which ensures the entire body is addressed within a session.



Our Instructors

Emily Lamb

Founder, Certified BASI, Booty Barre
& Rhythm Pilates Instructor


Emily started practising the Pilates method when she was 12 years old.  She was suffering from chronic TMJ and back issues and was referred to Pilates by her physiotherapist.  Emily grew to love Pilates and rely on its outstanding benefits in her every day life as a teenager and adult.  More recently Pilates has supported her through pregnancy and caring for a baby.

In 2013 Emily decided to leave the corporate life and began the full Comprehensive Training Course with Body Arts and Science International (BASI).  Emily passionately believes in the BASI system and the incredible results it can provide.

Emily started up P4P (previously Body Fit Pilates) in 2014. She is passionate about genuinely helping clients get the most out of Pilates.  Emily confidently believes in its effectiveness for all lifestyles. She considers it an honour being able to support people through their own Pilates journey.

Emily has a strong desire to encourage individuals find the balance between general exercise and understanding the importance of a balanced and aligned body.


Bree Horton

BASI Student



Bree is currently studying the Body Arts and Science Pilates Mat Course and you will regularly see her around the studio. We look forward to Bree becoming a qualified BASI instructor and adding to the P4P timetable later in the year.