Got 10 Minutes & a Thera Band?

When life gets crazy it can be hard to make time for moving the body.  So I have provided a great little workout that will only take you 10mins and leave you feeling lengthened and strengthened.

The Thera band is a fab prop to add to your collection.  I love using the image of the band to picture my muscles lengthening and contracting. 

Top tip | Even if you don't have much time try to take the workout slowly, take deep breaths as cued below and allow your body to enjoy this precious 10 mins. A short workout full of quality movement is more effective than a fast one packed with quantity.

My band is around medium strength and about 2 meters long.

Pelvic Tilts

Prep | Articulate the spine up and feel the resistance of the band as you get higher. Keep the knees hip width apart and keep even weight through the feet.
Inhale | Control the pelvis down slightly
Exhale | Push the pelvis straight back up

Repeat 10-20 times before articulating the spine back down.


Hundreds in table top

Prep | Legs in table top (knees over hips & ankles inline with knees)
Exhale | Lift up into chest lift keeping the pelvis anchored (shoulder blades just off the floor)
Inhale | Prepare
Exhale | Start pulsing like you are slapping water with your hands & feel the resistance in the band

Exhale for 5 beats | Inhale for 5 beats | repeat 10 sets (total of 100)


  TIP |  Notice that my wrists are straight - keep them solid when you pull the band up.

TIP | Notice that my wrists are straight - keep them solid when you pull the band up.

Bicep Curls with Lunge

Prep | Step into a lunge making sure the front knee is directly over the ankle and back leg is completely straight
Exhale | Curl hands toward biceps
Inhale | Lengthen the arms back to the starting position
Repeat 10 times before swapping to the other leg and repeating


Thera band set up for the below 2 exercises | Stand with legs hip width apart and tie band in a bow without bringing legs together (this creates an effective amount of resistance

Hip Extension

Prep | Bend supporting knee slightly and lean forward with arms inline with shoulders
Exhale | Keeping back leg straight lift as high as you can using only the glut/hamstring (think of squeezing the butt to lift)
Inhale | Lower toes back down to tap the ground

Repeat 10-20 times | move on to next exercise before switching legs





Hip Abduction

Prep | stand with legs hip width apart and hands on hip | take one leg out to the side with toes resting on the ground
Exhale | abduct the leg away from the body staying tall
Inhale | Control back down

Repeat 10-20 times



Don't have a Thera band ... no worries! Everything can be done on its own.  Just use some hand weights or cans from the kitchen for your bicep curls. Enjoy! I would love to hear how you go! 

E x