Post-Holiday Workout

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and a beautiful time with family and friends.  It's so nice having a mini holiday a couple of months into the new year.

Below are 5 exercises to help you get back into the swing of life after a (yummy) break!

Standing Roll down (great way to warm the body up!)


Prep | feet hip width apart | stand tall looking straight ahead.
Inhale | prepare.
Exhale | bring the chin to the chest and start to peel down.  Let the arms and head hang and keep the knees soft.
Inhale | pause in this folded position and challenge the lunges by taking a big deep breath in.
Exhale | initiate the roll back up in the core (think belly button to spine).  Keep knees soft so abs are working to re-stack the spine.

These feel amazing so do as many as you like.

Double Leg Extension

Prep | hands behind the head and fingers are interlaced | bring legs into table top and lift the head and chest keeping neutral pelvis (look forward with the eyes).
Inhale | prepare the core.
Exhale | extend the legs straight out on a 45 degree angle.
Inhale | bring legs back to table top keep the head and chest lifted – ready to repeat on the exhale.

Aim for x 10!

Plank with rotation

Prep |
start in 4 point kneeling – shoulders over wrists and knees under hips.  Extend one leg out then without lift the booty extend your other leg out.
Inhale | bend one knee in to the opposite side (take the eye line to that knee).
Exhale | push the leg back into plank position ready to repeat with the other leg.

Try for at least 5 each side

Triceps Dips

Prep | start sitting with arms behind (finger tips facing the booty).  Think of wrapping the shoulders out so the chest is open.  Feet and knees are hip width apart.  Lift the booty of the ground without sinking into the shoulders.
Inhale | bend the elbows sending them behind you.
Exhale | lengthen the arms straight back up staying out of the shoulders.

Repeat x 10 – 15



Prep | stand with the feet wider then the hips in external rotation (toes facing slightly out) and hands on hips. 
Inhale | bend the knees sending them out over the toes (think wide through the hips).  Keep shoulders over hips and tummy drawing in.
Exhale | lengthen the legs back up (think of pressing into the heels to come back up).

Repeat 10 – 20 and for an added challenge hold it down there for same number of pulses.

Finish with one more roll down - perfect ending to a workout!

Be sure to let me know how you go!  

E x