One - P4P's International Pilates Day Event

 gorgeous girls from the barre class Saturday.

gorgeous girls from the barre class Saturday.

Well thanks to my fab clients and their friends and family we were able to have our International Pilates Day event on Saturday and successfully raise the difference we needed for our Destiny Rescue Campaign.

Our original goal for our first year of business was to raise $1,200. I just felt this would be a realistic goal while our young business was finding its feet. However, after discovering it costs $1,500 to rescue one child out of the sex trade I really felt in my heart that we should change our goal. I loved the idea that our first year of business could completely change the life of one precious child.

It can be so easy for us to get disheartened. To think we don't have enough influence, power or money to help change the world. But Mother Teresa hit it on the head when she said 'do small things with great love'.

We are not a massive business we can't offer millions of dollars to change the world. But we can offer as much as possible and wrap it with a whole heap of love.

I would love to be able to fund the rescue of hundreds of thousands of children trapped in the trade but if I just focus on that HUGE goal I will end up feeling overwhelmed and not helping anyone.

 some of Saturday's Purpose Packs

some of Saturday's Purpose Packs

I hope P4P will impact the world in a big way but for the time being I am so excited to think that one child will experience freedom, they will have the chance to discover they are loved and they have worth and a greater purpose in this world. What made it extra special was seeing our little P4P community come together to help. Community is a powerful thing.

Everyone who came to our event received a 'Purpose Pack' it included things from;
Thankyou (
Big Picture Movement (
Who Gives a Crap(

These guys have all given items we need in every day life a deeper purpose. My hope is seeing these different businesses and individuals will help encourage us to be creative. To start thinking outside the box, to help change the world. Just one little step at a time. It might be financial or it might be a skill you hold and your precious time.

Let's make our daily lives wonderfully impactful! Let's change the world!

E x

Attached is a fact sheet from Destiny Rescue - it explains a little of what is involved in rescuing a child from the sex trade.