Through our daily lives we can impact others' daily living.

How it works …

We have partnered with 2 organisations:

Destiny Rescue - rescue, restore, empower and protect underage children from the sex trade.

Thankyou - fund projects which supply communities with fresh water, hygiene and other support.  This helps individuals become less vulnerable to dangers such as human trafficking.

We feel this is a good combination!

Every month P4P will contribute an amount to each.  As we grow so does the amount.

Destiny Rescue

We have a Campaign set up with Destiny Rescue so we as a studio can watch the amount grow.

2017: $1, 753.00 donated – Our original goal was to raise $1,500.  This is the amount needed to rescue one girl from the sex trade.

We also have an ID number, for anyone who wants to donate through the Destiny Rescue website.

ID Number: CAM-11494 (just place this number in the comments section of your donation)


Thankyou looks a little different.

100% of Thankyou’s profits go toward ending global poverty.

Buying their products is the best way to support their work.

We display and give away Thankyou products so you can have the chance to try them and see what is available.

Once a month we offer 1 copy of the Thankyou book (“Chapter 1”) – anyone can take it and pass it on. Lets inspire others!

What you need to do …

Come to your session.

There are no added expectations.  We just love the idea that we can give something that we all need and love to do, a deeper purpose.

We believe it will be a special feeling when you finish your time of strengthening and lengthening and know that it is contributing to something even greater.

To read more about our story click on the link below.