This one-on-one session allows me to assess your alignment, posture and provides an opportunity to discuss personal goals, medical conditions, the basics of the Pilates method and any questions. I recommend 2 – 3 private sessions before joining a semi private session to ensure you have a basic understanding of the principles and safe use of the various apparatus.


This session will have a maximum of two clients. Your individual needs will be supported through exercise and apparatus modifications.

Mat Classes

These sessions provide an excellent and fun way to increase strength, toning and flexibility.  Mat classes
can include many different small apparatus. Sessions start from beginner through to advanced level. Your individual needs will be supported through exercise modifications.

Body Fit Seniors

As we get older our bodies start to loose flexibility, muscle tone and balance.  Pilates has been shown to improve all these areas.  It is so important to keep the body moving. Pilates is an effective but also gentle way of achieving this.

Body Fit Mums

These classes are specifically for mamas with small children. We want to be able to provide mums with the opportunity to relax and strengthen their bodies. Specific conditions are supported through the session.

Please note: Children do not participate in the sessions but the studio is equipped with a kids corner that has age appropriate TV shows and activities or mums are welcome to bring their own activities. Children will not be permitted to play on the Pilates apparatus for their own safety and the condition of equipment.

Body Fit Kids (7 - 9 yrs)

Pilates really is for all ages. This mat session is a great opportunity for kids to learn the benefits of moving their body and staying active. For more information regarding this class please contact us.

Pre and Post Natal

During this exciting and challenging time your body goes through many changes. We providespecific exercises to support these changes in your body.   Pilates is an effective and gentle form of exercise addressing areas such as the pelvic floor and providing the opportunity to move the body through different ranges of motion which change as pregnancy progresses.  These sessions will strengthen your body pre and post natal.